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Reviews about My-present

31.12.2020, Michael Schmidt, Deutschland/Hamburg
Perfect service!!!!!
Thank you! :)
Order completed 31.12.2020
Makeewka, Donetz’ka obl.
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14.12.2020, Mireille babti, Oman, Muscat
Smooth service, delivered within a few hours. Flower looks even better than the image on website (which is never the case with online shopping!)
Highly recommended.
Thank you for your appreciation of our work.
Order completed 14.12.2020
Ekali, Administration of Attica
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13.12.2020, Uwe Purle, Gera, Deutschland
Super Service
Order completed 09.12.2020
Winnyzja, Vinnytz’ka obl.
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27.08.2020, Ishutov, Yury, D
Sehr zufrieden. Empfehlenswert!
Order completed 27.08.2020
Sankt Petersburg, Oblast Leningrad
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08.03.2020, Dan Ray Smith, usa
Thank You for your good service again this year. The mother and her daughter love the flowers.
Thank You
Order completed 08.03.2020
Kiev, Kyivs’ka obl.
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16.02.2020, Jonna L, Finland
The red roses (50 cm) in a bouquet with white tulips were substituted with shrub roses. I have not received any kind of notification or apology. This is absolutely not acceptable service.
We are very sorry that replacing ordinary roses with shrub roses was unacceptable to you. At the time of placing the order, an ordinary rose turned out to be of inadequate quality and therefore the florist replaced it with a more expensive shrub roses. The bouquet has become more magnificent. We are very sorry that such a replacement made you so upset. We apologize.
Order completed 05.02.2020
Bratislava, Bratislava Region
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17.11.2019, Konstantin Tsilingiridis, Deutschland
alles gut gelaufen
Order completed 16.11.2019
Sumi, Sums’ka obl.
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09.11.2019, Anand, India
Good service. I liked the pic
Thanks for your feedback
Order completed 09.11.2019
Belgorod, Belgorodskaya obl.
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21.09.2019, Tomas Rakas, United Kingdom
Order completed 21.09.2019
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24.07.2019, Ronald Hempel, Deutschland
Super Sevice....alles pefekt!!!!
Thank )
Order completed 23.07.2019
Kiew, Kyivs’ka obl.
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