Where to deliver a gift?

in New York: 22/07/2024

About International delivery service My-Present

About our company
Since 2001 “My-Present” delivery service provides gifts delivery services through affiliate network to more than 35 countries. Since 2007 it is the working partner of “Present” Company which enables to perform deliveries to more than 50 countries of the world.
“My-Present” Company enables our clients to order flowers and other gifts with possible delivery to different cities at the best price, quality and assortment. On-line shopping at My-present.com is easy, quick and safe!
Our website uses “Present” Company’s unique software with the help of which the clients are offered the assortment with consideration of the season and possibility to change the content of the gift during placement of order. “My-Present” is the reliable company with long-term experience and more than 10000 regular clients (holders of discount cards).
Service functioning
Assortment of gifts and flowers represented by our service on the website was composed on the basis of prices and possible assortment of every region (city).
After placement procedure, the order is directed to Customer Service. A manager of this service checks completeness of information necessary for order execution and, if necessary, the manager can contact the client in order to specify necessary information. Then, the order with all changes and specifications is sent to an executor directly to city of the delivery.
A representative and receiver agree time of the delivery and specify the address one more time. If the delivery address was changed, the representative should introduce correspondent changes and proceeds to order placement. The order is delivered within specified period of time and with signature of the delivery form. When the order is executed, the representative should give a report on order execution and the manager should send correspondent information to the client. On the website the status of order changes to “Executed”. If the client has no access to his e-mail, then on the website he has possibility to make an enquiry on status of his order or contact the Client Service.
Peculiarities, advantages and differences
Working peculiarity of our company is strict selection of representatives (executors). This selection procedure is performed on the basis of clients’ feedback. Every positive feedback is an additional score for the representative. Negative feedback means “minus 10 scores”. It is also necessary to take into consideration the time of order execution, assortment and price, possibility of individual order execution and other parameters which form the rating of partners. Therefore, the client can be sure that his order is executed by the best representative who values his reputation.
Some kinds of fruit and flowers are seasonal. Due to this fact, the assortment can be changed depending on the season, fashion trends and with consideration of client’s wishes and preferences. Such composition of the assortment makes possible for clients to be guided by real prices basing on the assortment which is available at this very period of time and in the certain city.
Additional gifts such as cakes, sweets and soft toys are represented in general view and purchased exclusively in specialized shops before order placement. A soft toy is represented by the teddy-bear (20-30 cm). A cake is standard, with due regard to its shelf life ad at representative’s discretion. As a rule, the representative is aware of the quality of different manufacturers and can choose the best product from the available assortment in retail sale. The representative always tries to buy high-quality products because he directly depends on the client and is interested in positive feedback.
If the client is dissatisfied, it means that the representative fulfilled his obligations not professionally enough. Such situations should be set on an individual basis and if the representative is found guilty, his rating can be decreased and even to the extent of contract termination. During circumstances finding, the service takes the client’s side. Using the services of our company, the clients want to make their close people happy, give them a surprise, so the gift should be appropriate. Receiver’s delight means client’s satisfaction with our service.
If you have not found necessary city for delivery or you were not satisfied with the assortment represented, you can use the form of the individual order. We would like you to consider that processing of the individual order requires up to 3 working days depending on order complexity. In connection with this fact, it is necessary to place individual orders in advance. On holidays (St. Valentine’s Day, International Women’s Day) due to increased number of standard orders, individual orders are not placed. We hope that you would understand such situation. But if you place your order earlier, we will try to put our most efforts for execution of your individual order on holidays.