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The question - answer (frequently asked questions) "Payment"
Local time - 19/03/2018
We used your service first time, but we want tell to all of you that your service is the best and we are so appreciate all you do. Thank you so much!!!!
The question - answer (frequently asked questions)

If you in a process of viewing or registration of your order on our site have the questions the answers to which you have not found on our site, you can address to our support service in a way of filling all the necessary information in the appropriate form or to put your question to fill the form in below: (before to put a question you should familiarize with answers we have to frequently putting questions. It is possible that you can receive at once all the necessary information you need and thus it save you and our time)

I have placed my order in one currency but my bank card is in other currency. What should be done?
When you pass to payment procedure, the payment service automatically makes a request to your bank and performs recalculation (currency conversion) of the sum at the exchange rate on the day of payment. In order to avoid any, even minimum inequalities in sums, we recommend you to use several payment systems at your option. One payment method “Credit card (Bank card of any bank)'' will redirect you to payment system which operates with dollars and the other payment method “Bank card (of the Russian bank)'' will allow making payment procedures in Russian rubles without additional conversions.
I have paid the order by bank transfer. How can I know about payment arrival?
After the bank transfer was sent, we ask you to inform us by e-mail about the fact of payment procedure and confirm receipt of this information. After receipt of bank transfer (payment), the status of your order will be changed to ''Paid''. This information is doubled to e-mail which you specified during order placement.
How quick does the payment enter the account if I pay by credit card?
Credit card payment is performed in real time system and in case of successful transaction your payment enters the account immediately. After that you will receive the e-mail letter and the status of your order will be changed to ''Paid''.