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The question - answer (frequently asked questions) "Delivery"
Local time - 19/03/2018
Ordered from Serbia and got great service! Thank you! Delivery in Kiev - Ukraine was on time as demanded, flowers of excellent quality. My friend even got 3 extra balloons:) Only one suggestion - it would be more convinient for your customers to arrange details if you'd put your phone number on the web page.
The question - answer (frequently asked questions)

If you in a process of viewing or registration of your order on our site have the questions the answers to which you have not found on our site, you can address to our support service in a way of filling all the necessary information in the appropriate form or to put your question to fill the form in below: (before to put a question you should familiarize with answers we have to frequently putting questions. It is possible that you can receive at once all the necessary information you need and thus it save you and our time)

What happens to the order if the receiver is not at home? Is a courier obliged to wait for receiver during definite period of time (for example, 2-3 hours)?
Our delivery service performs many orders, every client is precious for us and every order is important. We do our best to deliver all orders on time. Usually before execution of order our representative should check receiver’s address for delivery. Such coordination gives receiver the possibility not to wait for a long time for the delivery and our delivery service, in its turn, can perform the delivery on time. If for some reason the receiver is absent at the specified time and did not let us know about his absence earlier, then the courier tries to contact the receiver over a telephone and in case he has to wait longer than 15 minutes the courier will continue his way performing deliveries for other receivers. We cannot shift our schedule because of one unreliable receiver and making the other receivers wait for a long time.
If the client asks to deliver his order without prior approval, then he (client) assumes all responsibility for successful execution of the order. In this case, if the receiver is not at home, the courier should leave the gift at neighbors, colleagues, etc. Before leaving the gift, we will try to contact the client over a telephone, inform about this problem and ask his decision what to do with the gift (where to leave it, take back to the shop for repeated delivery, the receiver will take it himself, etc.)