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The question - answer (frequently asked questions) "Common questions"
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The question - answer (frequently asked questions)

If you in a process of viewing or registration of your order on our site have the questions the answers to which you have not found on our site, you can address to our support service in a way of filling all the necessary information in the appropriate form or to put your question to fill the form in below: (before to put a question you should familiarize with answers we have to frequently putting questions. It is possible that you can receive at once all the necessary information you need and thus it save you and our time)

Can I pay my order in full, in order that receiver had nothing to pay?
All orders should be placed EXCLUSIVELY by the client and delivered after their full payment. The receiver will not bear any expenses and the only thing he will have to do is to sign in the delivery form on gift receipt.
Can you deliver a gift in the precise date and time?
During placement of order you will have possibility to choose the delivery date. In the page of order placement in Additional information box, you can specify all your preferences: desired time of delivery, information for order placement or other information which you think is important and necessary. We will necessarily take into account all your wishes.
Are the flowers fresh?
Freshness of flowers and other goods is guaranteed by our delivery service.
What is the difference between standard bouquet and miniature or deluxe?
As a rule, in the pictures you can see bouquets of the standard size. If the client likes the bouquet but the price is not suitable for him, we provide such multi-options as miniature, standard and deluxe. It means that miniature bouquet will consist of the same components but the amount of flowers will be 20-30% less. And vice versa, you like the bouquet and you want to order the same but with more flowers, thus, the amount of all components will increased by 20-30%. Herewith, the bouquets shape, its appearance, color palette, etc. will correspond to the standard bouquet.
Is it possible to add the post-card with my own greeting text?
During order placement, you will have possibility to write your own greeting text which will be printed on the post-card and delivered with the gift.
Can you deliver the order as a surprise?
Yes, we can. During order placement, in ''Additional information'' box inform us about your preferences and we will necessarily consider them. But you should remember that making a delivery without approval, we cannot agree on convenient delivery time and check the delivery address. Therefore, the receiver may not be present at his address or the mistake in the address will make impossible for courier to find the receiver. Handling such orders you assume the responsibility. If there are any problems during execution of order, we will not be able to change anything.
How long before should the order be placed to deliver it on desired date?
Practically in all big cities we can deliver the order in the same day but if it was placed and paid in the morning hours. For guaranteed delivery on specified date, we recommend you to place the order in advance, thus, we will have possibility to include your order to our delivery schedule. Due to different time zones, you can place the order in the morning hours, while in the city where your order should be delivered, the working is finished. So, with the best will in the world, we physically cannot influence the situation.